The goal of this project was to allow the actors to portray emotions In a setting that had no real backstory to It; to see how they interacted In that kind of setting. We thought of It as If we were just filming a single scene pulled from a movie. It was definitely a fun and educational exercise.

Directors: Caleb Johnson / Clint Calvert

Director of Photography: Caleb Johnson

Producer: Clint Calvert


The Reins Maker


Seven-year-old Penny Foster wants to ride horses, not just ride, but to race...and to's her dream, but first she must learn to survive.
A lot was learned during the production process of this film and as always, it was wonderful working with fantastic actors and skilled crew.

1st Unit Director: Caleb Johnson

Director of Photography: Brandon Ruiz

Producer: Michael Arnold


Echo Rhyme


Echo Rhyme is the story of Frank, a professional counterfeiter from a wealthy mob family, discovers he needs a new heart after being shot when accepting a bribe from a dirty cop. In a twist of fate, Frank receives the heart of the man (Chris) he was supposed to kill two weeks earlier when told to “take him out” by his Grandfather. Learning from the deceased man's wife, Katie, what kind of man Chris was, Frank starts to have a change of heart.
With a bounty now on his head, Frank has to flee the country to escape his previous associates who don’t exactly like his change of heart.
Frank finds himself mixed up in a bad situation with a unique set of circumstances that will test his new heart and if he really has changed.
Join him on a journey where he will discover the truth about the man he killed, his past life, and that we really do get a second chance at life.

Director: Caleb Johnson
Director of Photography: Brandon Ruiz / Caleb Johnson
Producer: Jeff Johnson


Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

byDesign Films

byDesign Films was in need of a new logo and animation design, so I took it on! After creating the logo design, I created this brief commercial to display its potential uses and to get the feeling of how it would look.




This advert for AMP on WordPress was designed for a presentation at a Google event.

I had a great time producing this piece for AMP. From the initial creative meeting, storyboarding drafts, first draft, revisions, and final product; the creativity and energy kept flowing! 



Life Matters

Life Matters Is a wonderful company. They inspire people to think about what really matters. They ask the question … what does vitality, happiness, longevity and the power to live life full-out look and feel like … for you? To them, your Life Matters. Life Matters creates real nutrition. Our bodies need the best nutrients possible, and sadly, the reality is even freshly grown food from our depleted soils is not nutritious enough. Their potent, clean, and natural formulas aren’t built for hype … they’re products that matter. They matter to your vitality, and to you and your family living a longer life of health and happiness. On top of being great people to work with, they have great products that are easy to get behind; which is why we loved the opportunity to create this video for them.



We had the great privilege of working with XWP on their training video courses. XWP partners with extraordinary clients in the media and publishing worlds to solve challenges that require big solutions. Beyond doing great work with WordPress, they also provide their clients with developer training, mentoring, and ongoing support. We can personally confirm that they are a wonderful company to work with and would be proud to work with them again in the future.


Unfortunately, the video files are currently offline. It sucks, we know, but we're working to get It fixed. Thanks for being cool!



Sabramedia/Pigeon Paywall

Back in 2013, Sabramedia, the creators of Pigeon Paywall came to us to put together a promotional video for their new plugin. Pigeon is a paywall plugin that works with your existing website. Pigeon offers you a pain-free way to setup a paywall and offer paid access to your premium content. Pigeon is flexible and built with a wide variety of paywall types in mind. It provides your customers with a simple, beautifully designed interface for managing their account settings as well as an administration area for you to manage customers and generate reports.

It was a great pleasure to get to work with Sabramedia!